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Hi, my name is Stacy, and I’m so glad you’re here because that means you have an interest in Great Escapes!

We all have a means of obtaining freedom from worry, care, or unpleasantness. My favorite escapes are dancing, reading an amazing love story, watching a funny movie, cooking delicious meals, and traveling. I enjoy making my home warm and comfortable for my family and guests! And I pour my heart and soul into celebrating life with memorable parties!

I also have so much fun taking pictures of my family during their escapes! I encourage you to try something new each day: Listen to a new song, read a new book, watch a new movie, cook a new recipe, or travel to a new city. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so start today!

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Anna and Lila love the playground at our church!  It is so fun to watch them light up when they are swinging, sliding down the pole, attempting the monkey bars, and throwing leaves off of Noah’s Ark:-)  God blessed me with the best children!  So thankful that I am here to enjoy all of these moments with them! 

Posted on Monday, October 20th 2014

This is my first time to host a birthday party at a venue…I prefer hosting them at my house!  Lila wanted her fourth birthday party to be a Barbie theme.  And she special requested the party take place at the local Aquatic Center.  I made the banner on the food table!  But the Happy Birthday banner is semi-homemade:-)  Since this was a swimming party, the girls received a swimsuit Barbie/Ken and the boys received a beach ball!  We served Chick-fil-a wraps and nuggets, pink goldfish (found them at Target), fruit, chips and salsa, and trail mix.  The pink Simply lemonade was a great idea!  I also had some festive miniature water bottles as another drink option.  Each guest table had a different Barbie themed table cloth.  I found the Barbie stands on Amazon.  And I brought all of Lila’s baby books for the guests to look at:-)  We played Barbie music on her Barbie radio.  Lila enjoyed singing some of the songs for her guests.  The carnations were the perfect flower choice!  I bought the flowers and carnations at Sam’s Club.  The barbie rings and surf boards were added to the cupcakes.  Plus we featured the splashtastic Barbie Pool Party lego kit that Lila put together.  And we supplied some make-up and a Barbie styling head.  These pictures were taken by Lea Alexandrine Photography!

Posted on Wednesday, October 15th 2014